Palazzo del Moro – Firenze (IT)

Address: Via del Moro 3,  Firenze
Phone: +39 0550946156

We went in Florence few days ago, this city is really small, a little diamond where is possible walking all quarters just in a day but for appreciate the numerous museums and historical “Palazzi” (buildings) you have to stay more time.
Florence is famous for its history, for its art galleries and for food, of course.

We can suggest with very pleasure Palazzo del Moro.
It is situated in a strategic position, very close to Ponte Vecchio and Piazza Maria Novella, and you can reach “Galleria degli Uffizi”, “Palazzo Pitti” and “Piazza del Duomo” in few minutes walk.
The building inside is very new with cool and modern line. There are small and gorgeous reception, with a elevator for the luggage.
The atmosphere is very elegant, sophisticated and clean, it has 5 beautiful suites with kitchen, 44mq or more, and surprisingly for us, very equipped!

We went at the suite number 2, at second floor, and we spent just two beautiful night in this cute end luxurious suite and the experience was unforgettable.

The bedroom is divided from the living room by a fantastic wardrobe with a fancy design of blue palms, and gold details. In the bedroom, as in the all suite, there is a wall-mounted stereo, where you can connect your device, or simply turn on the radio, ideal for listening to music and relaxing after a long day of walking around the city.

The kitchen is small but very functional, there were also fridge and dish-washer. We found two bottles of water and two bottles of a fantastic Italian red wine, what’s a beautiful welcome ❤️.

Alberto cooked for me a delicious “surprise” dinner, such a romantic date nite, better than any restaurant!

The black marble bathroom features a walk-in shower is so elegant and refined.

We hope to return soon!


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